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World Championship 2002 Korea July 3 - 13

Shooting range

The shooting range is located near HWASUNG, this is about 60 km South of Seoul.


New shooting range with separate buildings for 10m, 25 and 50 m.


The ranges are on different levels with a difference in height of about 2 m.


Lavatory facilities: disabled toilets are available in both ranges.

Beside the offices for scoring and normal competition, the organizer has to provide rooms for :

  • Functional classification

  • ISCD

  • Referees


Download HERE

Deadline for first entry: February 15, 2002


view on the 25 m range


Pine Resort Hotel


10 m range

  • 70 firing points

  • target carriers

  • final on electronic targets

  • width per firing point = 100 cm

  • background: light blue

  • light conditions: OK

Recommendations made to the organizer:


Due to the limited width of the firing sports (1 m) the event R3 will be shot on alternative firing points ( 1, 3, 5, )

This can cause additional elimination rounds because of the big number of entries in this event. It also can result in a 2 day competition with eliminations shot on day 1 and the qualification and final shot on day 2.


It is necessary to provide target changers in every event. The number of target changers need to be equal to the number of participating athletes in the event.


Scoring and targets: ISSF approved targets need to be used and the scoring is through a scoring machine (SAM 400 or similar)


view on the 50 m range

25 m range

  • 20 firing points in 2 sets of 10

  • non electronic

  • scoring: identical to 10 m

Recommendations made to the organizer:


The access of the shooting range is by a very steep ramp. This should be changed by creating a slower sloop. This suggestion was also made by the organizer.

50 m range

  • 45 firing points

  • width of the firing point = 110 cm

  • background = light blue

  • target changing system: electric but target remains on 50 m distance

  • firing point situated on a stage of about 40 cm high

Recommendations made to the organizer:


Since the firing points are about 40 cm above ground a minimum of 4 ramps need to be placed to reach the firing points.


For the event R6 it will be necessary to have eliminations before the qualification round. If only 2 eliminations are needed, R6 can be shot in 1 day.


Athletes be aware that the use personal scopes is necessary.