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1.1   Basic rules

1.1.1       The International Shooting Committee for Disabled (ISCD) is the Sport Executive Committee (SAEC) of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).


The IPC rules are not inserted or restated here and the rules in the ISCD Shooting Rulebook must be read in conjunction with the IPC rules if applicable.


1.1.2       The I.S.S.F. sport technical rules shall be enforced in all cases except where they are modified by these rules of the International Shooting Committee for the Disabled (hereafter called ISCD). The I.S.S.F. rules are re-enforced and not inserted or restated here and the rules in this book must be read in conjunction with the I.S.S.F. rules.


1.1.3       Situations that are not covered by the rulebook shall be decided by the ISCD.


1.1.4       The ISCD rulebook is produced originally in English and that version will be final in all cases of dispute.


1.2   Competitions

1.2.1       The competition is structured on 4 levels with different criteria.


1.2.2       Level 1 - Local competitions

o        Club or interclub
o        Developing competitions
o        Possibility for experimenting
Level 2 - National competitions
o        Open nationals
o        National competitions with international participation
o        Alternative events
o        Development competitions
o        Status of qualifying tournament: the result gives right for participation in IPC ranking tournament
Level 3 - Minimum Qualification Standard competition
o        Open National or International competition of good quality with registration on IPC-calendar (see application form MQS – appendix F)
o        Status of qualifying tournament: the result gives right for quota places in Paralympics
Level 4 - IPC ranking tournament
o        World or Regional Championship
o        Top-level competition
o        Quality control
o        Functional classification
o        Status of qualifying tournament: the result gives right for quota places in Paralympics
Level 5 - Paralympics
o        Restricted competition, only with ranking points through quota places



1.3   Minimum Qualification Standard competition (MQS)


1.3.1       The level of the competition needs to be a minimum of a National Championship sanctioned by the National Paralympic Committee of the nation involved.


1.3.2       All applications for MQSmust be submitted to the IPC secretariat before October 1st of the year preceding the competition.


1.3.3       All MQS competitions must be sufficiently advertised (SHOOT magazine,)

No competition may be advertised until written confirmation from ISCD.


1.3.4       The Paralympic events are the basic program for every MQS-competition in the specified level. 

The shooting program taking place will determine the minimum number of ISSF judges who must be present during the competition:




ISSF Judges


Full program: R1 - R8/ P1 - P4



Air events: R1 - R5 / P1, P2



.22 events: R6 - R8 / P3, P4




1.3.5       The ISSF judges must be approved by ISCD.

A copy of their ISSF license(s) must accompany the application form.


1.3.6       The result book must be submitted in paper and electronic version.

The electronic version shall be in Excel-format and the ID-numbers will be included in the results as well as the shooter’s sub /sub – sub classes.

1.3.7       Doping: the organizer must submit evidence of having notified in writing the National anti-doping body.


1.3.8       The organizer will confirm in writing that the ranges and targets used will conform to the relevant ISSF regulations edition 2001 and subsequent amendments.


1.3.9       A minimum of 4 countries needs to participate at the competition.


1.3.10     World records cannot be obtained during this competition.


1.3.11     A feeof 250 US$ will be submitted to IPC on bank account:


Deutsche Bank AG
Bonn, Germany
BLZ 380 700 59
Account/Konto: 0290122


Mentioning MQS-competition + name and date of the competition.


1.3.12     Unclassified athletes (no ID-card) will have their result (MQS) ratified when subsequently classified.




2.1          All guns must be handled and discharged safely as per I.S.S.F. rules. It will be the responsibility of the coaches and/or the delegation leaders to ensure that competitors entered in shooting events are able to handle rifles and/or pistols safely. Violation of this rule can result in immediate disqualification of the competitor.


2.2          Violation of the rules will be handled as per I.S.S.F rules.


2.3                    Competition numbersshall be assigned to competitors for each competition and shall be published in all competitor lists and timetables etc. This number and relevant class and subclass shall be displayed on the backrest of the shooting chair if available. If not, it should be on the back of the competitor’s jacket and must be of sufficient size to be easily read from the public gallery.


2.4                    All protests, appeals inclusive, regarding technical matters must be handled as per I.S.S.F. rules.  Protest fee must be delivered by hand to the Organizing Committee. The appropriate fee must accompany appeals. If the protest is upheld, the Organizing Committee must return the protest fee. If the protest is denied the protest fee will be retained by the ISCD. The decision of the Jury of Appeal is final. A model of the protest-form is enclosed as appendix D (side A and B).


2.5          For Paralympic Games, World- and Regional Championships the ISCD can decide to allow Organizing Committees to restrict the number of competitors per country per event.


2.6          For World and Regional Championships and MQS-competitions the number of competitorsfor an event to take place must be a minimum of 4 countries on the starting list.


2.7          Bids for organizing sanctioned shooting competitions have to be submitted according to IPC rules.


2.8          The Technical Delegate of the ISCD must approve and be part of the Jury of Appeal. The names of the Jury and the Jury of Appeal must be announced before the start of the competition.


2.9          The composition of the Jury for each sanctioned competition shall be:

a.  Shooting Jury I.S.S.F. rules and ISCD rules:
1 I.S.S.F. judge according to I.S.S.F. rules.
2 by ISCD appointed judges, 1 for pistol and 1 for rifle.
The ISCD-judgesneed to have an ISSF B-license.


b.  Shooting Jury of Appeal:
1 chairman (Technical Delegate)
1 I.S.S.F. judge
1 ISCD judge


2.10        Before the start of the competition there shall be a technical meeting with representatives of the participating countries and the Organizing Committee, supervised by the Technical Delegate of the ISCD.


2.11        An athlete, team official, team member or any other who:

o        contravenes the spirit of fair-play
o        offends manifestly members of any committee, officials or referees in the course of his/her official duties
o        behaves himself/herself in a manner which discredits ISCD, IPC, any International Federation or the Organizers of a competition
may be penalized.
This unsporting conductby any will result in:


a.   1st violation: a warning (yellow card)
b.   2nd violation: expulsion from the range complex (red card)
c.  failure to comply with the red card will result in expulsion for the reminder of the competition and a letter sent to the respective national Federation advising it of the action taken and the reasons for it.


2.12        The ISCD may impose any penalty it sees as appropriate in the circumstances as per rules and regulations of the relevant National Federation.


A right of appeal shall lie to the Executive Committee of the relevant National Federation.




3.1          For records to be recognizedby the International Shooting Committee for the Disabled, the competition must:


a.  be Paralympic, World or Regional competition.
b.  be sanctioned by the ISCD
c.  be shot in accordance with the I.S.S.F. and ISCD rules;
d.  all records are subject to doping control rules.


3.2               In addition, for sanctioning and record acknowledgement purpose, the Organizing Committee of a competition have to comply with the following conditions:

a.  the Secretariat of the ISCD shall be notified of competition details according to IPC rules.
b.  one Technical Delegate or a technical representative of the ISCD must attend the competition, at the expense of the organizing committee, to supervise the match.
c.  two ISCD judges must attend the competition as jury members at the expense of the organizing committee.
d.  two ISCD functional classifiers must attend the classification at the expense of the organizing committee,
e.  all results and records achieved shall be forwarded to the Secretariat of the ISCD, for registration and maintenance of the records-book within two months after the competition.
f.   the form “Application for Shooting-record” (model and conditions specified on appendix C) must be submitted in time to the Secretariat of the ISCD