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The ISCD invited the Chairman of the IBSA shooting sport committee on May 1, 2003 for a meeting to discuss future cooperation.

With Mr. Franz Voglbauer a constructive meeting was held on various topics re blind shooting.

This resulted in a memorandum of understanding in which the different guidelines were set that must lead to a better understanding between both sport committees and hopefully will be to the benefit of our blind athletes.




This memorandum of understanding established between ISCD, representing Paralympic Shooting Sports, and IBSA, representing International Blind Shooting Sports, formally recognizes the relationship that has existed between these two Sport groups.


  • ISCD continues to support the participation of blind shooting events on the program of ISCD sanctioned shooting competitions.


  • ISCD will continue to encourage competition organizers to include and promote blind shooting events in sanctioned competitions.


  • ISCD and IBSA will facilitate communications between their two groups through website content advertising the events of both groups.


  • ISCD and IBSA recognize that the responsibility for the introduction of blind persons to shooting sports is the responsibility of IBSA.


  • ISCD and IBSA also recognize that the responsibility for the development and promotion of blind shooting sports is the responsibility of IBSA.


  • ISCD and IBSA recognize that high performance international disabled shooting competition is the focus of ISCD and ISCD welcomes the involvement of high performance blind shooters in the disabled shooting program.


  • As IBSA expands the program of blind shooting to include the participation of blind shooters from sufficient numbers of nations, ISCD will support IBSA as advocate to IPC for the inclusion of blind shooting events in the Paralympic Games.


  • ISCD and IBSA agree for their executive members to meet periodically to enhance mutual efforts for the advancement of blind shooting sports.


This memorandum of understanding signed at Antwerp , Belgium on May 1, 2003



Signed for ISCD                                                                  Signed for IBSA



Walter Vlaminck                                                                Franz Voglbauer

Chairman ISCD                                                                 Chairman IBSA