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 ATHENS - Paralympic Games 2004

 Extractions from the site report
The shooting range exists only on paper for the moment. I have no knowledge of the timeframe for building the actual ranges.

What follows are comments from my site report, based on the drawings.

 Shooting Range
The 80 firing point ranges for 10 and 50 m are on ground level with, at first impression, no limitations for disabled access.

The width of the firing points is 120 cm on the 10 m range and 140 cm on the 50 m range.

I expressed my concerns about the fact that the final in the 50 m events will be shot indoors.

This means that part of the challenge of the 50 m events ( taken in account the weather conditions during shooting) will be excluded form the final.

This means also that eventual record can not be compared with earlier records since the conditions are artificially changed.

The decision of an indoor final is based on a rule in the ISSF rule book that states: ... If exceptionally the final can be shot indoors….

It appears that ISSF agreed to accept these conditions but, as TD of the shooting competition and active shooter, I expressed my objection to this decision.

 view on the Acropolis
view on Parthenon
The shooting range is located in the vicinity of the airport. This influences caused by the noise of approaching and departing planes need to be examined. I proposed to measure the dBA (decibel measuring) during these operations.
 TEST Event

ATHOC scheduled a test event based on a national competition.

Since the number of Greek shooters is very limited I recommend to make it an open competition were international athletes can participate on their own expenses.

A sufficient number of athletes will make the test event much more adequate.

ATHOC promised to take this in consideration.

The date of the test event should be at approximately the same time as the Games, this is September 2003.