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This page contains impressions of the World Championship.

This first major competition in the Asian region was a success.

The organization did everything to make it comfortable for all the participants.

Especially the use of interpreters was a very good decision because this made the communication much more easy and avoided misunderstandings.

The organization was well structured and they could handle very well the different problems that arise when people arrive at the same time on the same spot.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony included speeches form different honorable guests, amongst them the Minister of Health and Welfare, Mr. Tae Bok LEE and the Governor of the Gyeonggi-do Province, Mr. Hak-Kyu Sohn.

For the first time in the history of our sport, we received a lot of media coverage from national newspapers as well as from the national TV-channel.

Local traditional dancers entertained the public and after this short ceremony, every team could sent 2 members to attend the opening banquet.

New contries

A total of 36 countries participated with 211 athletes and the overall number of attendances was counted on 325 people. 

New countries in the competition:

  • Malaysia     

  • Turkey         
competition venue
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waiting for the equipment control
The chief classifier after a hard days work!

During classifications, more than 80 athletes were seen and/or reviewed.

Also 3 national classifiers gained their international ISCD license.

  For the Asian region this championship is very important because of the media coverage. Also the opportunity created by this competition to compete an a high level allowed many athletes from this region to participate and to taste the ambience of major competitions
New World
R1 Air rifle Standing SH1male
Jung, Jin-Owan, KOR

594/600 NQWR

R2 Air rifle Standing SH1 female
Kim, Im-Yoen, KOR 399/400 NQWR
Kim, Im-Yoen, KOR 499.3/509 NFWR
R1 Air rifle Standing SH2 Coed
Latzke, Christiane, GER 600/600 NQWR
Latzke, Christiane, GER 705.2/709 NFWR
R1 Air rifle Standing SH2 Coed TEAM
Latzke, Christiane, GER

1786/1800 NTWR

Stoeckl, Wolfgang, GER
Korth, Stefan, GER
R1 Air rifle Prone  SH2 Coed TEAM
Latzke, Christiane, GER

1794/1800 NTWR

Stoeckl, Wolfgang, GER
Korth, Stefan, GER

Not only the number of new athletes but also the performance level is encouraging.


Again several World records were broken and step by step, we are moving closer to the able body scores.


 complete results can be found on the website of World Championship Korea 2002